What I believe: Insite On What This Page Believes In Promoting And Advocating For/Against.

I haven’t really done an introduction of myself and what this website and I aim to educate others on.

This post is inspired by a post done by the amazing women who run 2 separate blogs on the internet and run Facebook pages that are very popular amongst mothers seeking peer advice and needing information to help them make the best decisions for their children. Thank  you Our Muddy Boots and The Badass Breastfeeder for standing strong and educating others about issues you are for and advocate against without sugarcoating any of it. You are my inspiration and a big part in my learning process.

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Baby talk Magazine – August 2012

Baby talk Magazine - August 2012

Where’s the baby?
The article this photo refers to is about breastfeeding and overcoming obstacles. Hiding a baby away from the publics eye as he/she nurses is one we are trying to overcome.

Why you should donate your breast milk and how you can do it

I have been blessed with a good milk supply that nourishes my little girl and allows me to give to others who need it. Before I had my 4th baby, I didn’t know much about breast milk donation. I had heard about it once before but knew nothing about how it worked or why women would want to give their child another womans milk. The topic came up again but I cannot remember exactly where or how it did but it peaked my interest. I read up on it and heard stories on ‘Mother to Mother’ donating and thought it seemed like a wonderful opportunity for me to share the milk I had collecting in my freezer. My daughter only took her milk straight from the tap so what supply I had stored was just sitting there.

I shared this video on Facebook today. Its a woman I had met through Human Milk 4 Human babies organization on Facebook while I was posting about wanting to donate my milk.  Judy and her husband are foster parents and have been fostering for the last 11 years and has opened her home and heart to 52 abused and neglected children. Her 45th foster baby was born with 27 critical health issues and with the help of breast milk, healed on so many levels. Breast milk from a donor helped to save this little girls life. A true testimony to the healing powers breast milk has. This is her story below…

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