A Fully Informed Choice… Part 1

This write up was submitted to me by a mother who wishes to remain anonymous. This will be spread out over a series of posts because this mama did her homework and let me tell you, there is A LOT of information that she has shared with us!!! Please find the time to read through the series. I will post a new series every day.

As to not overwhelm you, take breaks.

Grab a cup of tea.

Part 1:

There are many reasons why we have ultimately chosen not to vaccinate our children. Initially we had every intention of vaccinating our kids, this despite the fact that I have been told that the final dose of Gardasil will be potentially fatal. (I had two of the three scheduled injections, with anaphylactic reactions). We decided to limit side effects by splitting the vaccinations, but had every intention of going ahead – we actually didn’t know there was an option! When we found out that we did not have to vaccinate, we thought anyone who didn’t must be crazy. After all, why would you refuse such wonderful medical advances that protect your children, leaving them at risk of preventable childhood diseases?? That to us seemed almost negligent as a parent. Then we became informed, and what we have learnt deeply saddens us. We have researched for several years, and as such have a lot of medical literature which shows clearly the dangers of – and often times ineffectiveness of – vaccinating with the current childhood schedule.

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