A Fully Informed Choice… Part 2

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*Immunisation (AU)

Of course some diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) are very dangerous to very young infants. This reiterates the importance of breast milk. There is plenty of medical literature which shows breast milk does in fact protect against common childhood diseases, including pertussis, chicken pox, measles etc. There has been a great deal of debate over the role of breast milk, and the evidence shows that it does in fact offer great levels of protection against childhood diseases – to such an extent that some study findings have suggested temporarily delaying mothers’ breastfeeding in order to allow vaccinations to be recognized by her infant’s body. Breast milk is so protective that vaccinating breastfed infants is far less effective at raising antibody titers than vaccinating artificially fed infants. Breast milk protects infants from both naturally occurring disease, and the disease injected via vaccination. Breast milk teaches the infant what is safe and what is not safe, and does so without causing inflammation. This is important – the very action of protecting an infant from disease through breast milk is done so without causing inflammation.

Newborns are not designed to produce inflammatory antibodies. The myelin sheath protects nerve impulses within the brain and spinal cord. This sheath does not develop into its mature pattern until a child is 2 years old. Permanent neurological (and other) damage can, and does, occur as a result of inflammation – particularly within the first 2 years of life (as the WHO supports). Inflammation can certainly result from contracting disease, but with the protection of breast milk this is not a likely outcome.

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A Fully Informed Choice… Part 1

This write up was submitted to me by a mother who wishes to remain anonymous. This will be spread out over a series of posts because this mama did her homework and let me tell you, there is A LOT of information that she has shared with us!!! Please find the time to read through the series. I will post a new series every day.

As to not overwhelm you, take breaks.

Grab a cup of tea.

Part 1:

There are many reasons why we have ultimately chosen not to vaccinate our children. Initially we had every intention of vaccinating our kids, this despite the fact that I have been told that the final dose of Gardasil will be potentially fatal. (I had two of the three scheduled injections, with anaphylactic reactions). We decided to limit side effects by splitting the vaccinations, but had every intention of going ahead – we actually didn’t know there was an option! When we found out that we did not have to vaccinate, we thought anyone who didn’t must be crazy. After all, why would you refuse such wonderful medical advances that protect your children, leaving them at risk of preventable childhood diseases?? That to us seemed almost negligent as a parent. Then we became informed, and what we have learnt deeply saddens us. We have researched for several years, and as such have a lot of medical literature which shows clearly the dangers of – and often times ineffectiveness of – vaccinating with the current childhood schedule.

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When I started The Lactation Learning Station a year ago this past February, my intention’s were to just focus on breastfeeding support and infant nutrition.  As TLLS grew, my need to getting more information out there grew.  Which means information I was learning and sharing expanded into more topics and issues that went beyond breastfeeding.

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Infant Car Seats Safety and Shopping carts -What you NEED to know.

**Authors note** This posting does contain information about prior deaths and accidents that have occurred from improper misuse of infant car seats. The car seat information is based on 2012/2013 car seat manuals that are easily accessible through your car seats manufactures website or help-line. Readers discretion is advised. **

All too often I’ve seen parents say ‘My car seat manual didn’t have anything in it about this…’  It made me stop and wonder, is this true?  Are there certain types of infant car seats that are compatible with shopping carts so that you can safely place a infant car seat on the upper part of the cart?  Do the manuals these parents say they are reading really not have a warning in them that tell them NOT to use their infant seats on top of carts?

I’ve been pulling every manual I can find offline the last week to compile a list of infant car seats and their manufacturer recommendations for use with shopping carts. Its a list of the 2012 popular infant car seats that were sold last year into this year.  I included links when I could so that you could go over the manuals yourself. There are less then 2 manuals that I could not find a specific sentence of ‘NEVER place carrier in/on top of shopping carts.’  But, there are warnings in every guide that state/warn of fall hazards. ‘Fall Hazard: Childs movement can slide carrier. NEVER place carrier near edge of counter tops, tables or other elevated surfaces.’  So it’s pretty easy to put two and two together.  Infant carriers do not belong on a surface that they can FALL from.

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