2013 Big Latch On Event – Culpeper, VA


Photo credit: Amanda Dilday

I had the pleasure of attending and participating in this years Great Latch On event here in Culpeper, VA at Yowell Meadow Park with my nursling.  Despite the rain, we had an AWESOME turn out!

The total count for moms was 50.  The total count for breastfeeding babies was 52(virtual high five that mommy for breastfeeding not 1, not 2, but 3 babies!! Triplets!!! Go Momma!!).

It was simply amazing to see so many people come out in support of Breastfeeding awareness and in support of one another.

If you attended the Culpeper Latch On event you can view photos here that were taking by Candice Davidson De Jesus of Storyteller Photography and here taken by Molly Peterson of Molly M. Peterson :: Documenting Life. Please respect that these photos are for Latch On participants to remember this day by. Please ask the photographers for permission before use of any of the photos.

This is exactly what breastfeeding support looks like.  Women helping, encouraging, educating and having the courage to help normalize breastfeeding in public!

As a mother of 4 breastfed children.  All who either self weaned, I weaned and 1 still breastfeeding, are thankful for YOUR support. Without the support of other women,  women like you and my family members,  I dont think we would of made it as far as we did and have.  Support and education is part of the key to breastfeeding success for mothers and their babies.  Many mothers struggle alone sometimes in their breastfeeding journeys and I know what a lonely dark place that is.  Which is why I do what I do.  Which is why I attend these events.  To let others see that they are not alone.  That we as women are never alone.  Its important to show others, not just other moms, that breastfeeding is natural, normal and let them know we will not hide in corners and we will not lock ourselves indoors to conform to their comfort or disagreement of public breastfeeding.  We encourage education to rid this world of the stigmas that come with breastfeeding so that women can do it without shame and without harassment from those who do not understand or want to understand.

Breastfeeding is an important issue in my life, the life of my children and the life of my poor husband who got dragged into all this.  Luckily he hasn’t kicked and screamed to escape but I’m sure he has felt the need to run from time to time 🙂

I want to throw a HUGE thank you to today’s event hostess and coordinator,  Cindy Curtis who is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant.  She also runs Pink Cocoon which provides breastfeeding support groups, education and support for pregnant mothers in the area.  Cindy spent a lot of time getting this event together and making sure everyone was comfortable, happy and motivated!  She did an amazing job setting up raffle gifts through different vendors and making sure each momma got a goodie bag filled with information and treats!  So will everyone give a big Thank You to Cindy with me for being an awesome hostess and coordinator and to her 18 amazing volunteers:

Thank You Cindy!!!!! 

animated clapping photo: Clapping baby muppits 00001littlebabymuppetsavitar.gif


Photo Credit: Amanda Podgorski

Worldwide Breastfeeding Week will be over in a few days. BUT, Worldwide Breastfeeding Month will go on through August.  I look forward to being a part of your Worldwide Breastfeeding Month (and beyond) of education and support!



*~* Teething Bling Giveaway *~*

Almost 300 Facebook Fans!!!

When I started The Lactation Learning Station a year ago this past February, my intention’s were to just focus on breastfeeding support and infant nutrition.  As TLLS grew, my need to getting more information out there grew.  Which means information I was learning and sharing expanded into more topics and issues that went beyond breastfeeding.

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Dear Intactivists … Clearing the air…

I like to keep up with my fan base. I like to see where my articles are being talked about and who they are reaching. I read everything everyone writes. Good, bad, ugly. I take that in and internalize it so I can better my writings later.

With that said, I came across some things that I believe I need to address from my last article ‘Dear Intactivists…‘. Some thing that really got to me was a gentleman using the word ‘misandry’ in reference to how the article was written. That stung.

This is what I read on a forum that was discussing my article…

  “she seems to think men should not express emotions which smacks of misandry. Does she think women who have suffered FGM should not also be emotional? I suspect not. Circumcision harms more than the men. I hope she explains her experience to the cutting doctors.”

It made me pause for a second and reread my own article in case I was missing something. Did I really come off like that? Did I say anything close to telling men they shouldn’t speak up about the injustice that was forced upon them? God I hope not!!! That would make me a horrible person and anyone who has gotten to know me this last year and a half can vouch that my intentions are far from that!!!

I am all for survivors speaking up. Heck, who better to speak on a subject then a man/woman who has survived something any form of abuse or violation! I am an Egalitarian when it comes to matters of Human Rights. Everyone needs to be treated with respect. Everyone needs to be protected. Body, mind and soul. Males, females, old, young, unborn and born. Equal rights for ALL humans.

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Dear Intactivists…

Owners note: There has been some discussion about how this article is perceived by some. Id like to clear any misconceptions up and answer any questions one may have. Please visit that post {{{ here }}} and ask any questions or misunderstandings you may have via comments or email me at thelactationlearningstation@hotmail.com or rnewton@live.com . Thank you and have a blessed day!

Dear Intactivists, Anti-RIC Advocates, Child’s Rights Advocates,

Hi. You don’t know me. Well, some of you might. Actually, you all do. You’ve seen me around on almost every circumcision debate you’ve been in on Facebook or on a blog or anywhere in the social medial or physical world. Crazy right?! Bare with me. Excuse typos. Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully it makes people think.

I’m that mom who when a debate about circumcision comes up on a parenting Facebook page pops in and says something to the affect of “I had my sons done and I have no regret”.
I’m that mom who claimed her child’s body is her property. That he is “My child. My choice!”
I’m that mom who laughs at you when you say that cutting the penis of a child is wrong. Or that its mutilating my sons.
I’m that mom who you called a child abuser because I said that I still didn’t regret it and would do it again.
I’m that mom who you yell at and curse at when I continue to be defensive.
I’m that mother that was deceived by a industry of lies and greed.
I’m that mother who doesn’t know it yet.
I’m that mother who is still stuck in my ways. Still blinded by lies.

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What A Trip To The Emergency Room Taught Me

Ive been quiet lately(again) on here and on Facebook. Sick kids, a broken computer, a house needing to be winterized before the first snow starts to fall. Madness! 🙂

I want to write this out while I have a laptop to use.

My littlest young one had an ER visit this past Friday night and we are still recovering from a 7 hour visit there. But so much happened in that one night that made me laugh, cry and get mad and I want to share my experience with you.

My littlest young one(11m now. Time flies!!) was burning a fever pretty much all day Friday. At 5PM she awoke from her nap burning hot. I took her temp and it was 104. I called her dad and told him he needed to come home from work so I could take her to the ER. I was really afraid since fibril seizures run on my side of the family and my youngest son had already had one spring of 2011. I didn’t want to take any chances and her fever was just way too high for having had Tylenol an hour before. He told me he would meet me there to get the older kids and off we went.

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