What I believe: Insite On What This Page Believes In Promoting And Advocating For/Against.

I haven’t really done an introduction of myself and what this website and I aim to educate others on.

This post is inspired by a post done by the amazing women who run 2 separate blogs on the internet and run Facebook pages that are very popular amongst mothers seeking peer advice and needing information to help them make the best decisions for their children. Thank  you Our Muddy Boots and The Badass Breastfeeder for standing strong and educating others about issues you are for and advocate against without sugarcoating any of it. You are my inspiration and a big part in my learning process.

So here it goes. These are just my beliefs and views. You may or may not agree with them and that is your prerogative. But I will not stand silent on topics I feel strongly against. I cannot take responsibility for your emotions if you get angry, sad, guilty for things Im posting. Its not my intention but if those feelings arise, seek within yourself the reason why. I am not one to judge others because I have walked in the shoes of a formula feeding, circumcising, stroller pushing, CIO(cry it out) mom. Over time Ive educated myself because I wanted to learn how to raise my children better. Gentler. With more compassion and ease. What Ive learned I want to share with others who want to learn the same. Who can benefit in one way or another from even just a line of information. The  information provided here at TLLS is based off of personal, scientific and peer research and opinions.

If you take offense to any of the following, then you need to see if in your heart TLLS is a place for you. Unless you are open to hearing facts and educating yourself. Even if you agree on a few subjects and not on others, stick around! Its okay to have differences in opinions.

My name is Raquel. I’m a married stay at home mom with a medical background and 10+ years of breastfeeding under my belt. My husbands name is Cliff and we’ve been married 12 years. We have 4 children.  Bub, who is 10. Chili, who is 8. Turtle who is 3 and Rainbow Baby who is 8 months(they are superheros and spy’s. Must protect identities). Each birth and each child has taught me something new and all have had their challenges.

I’m strongly opinionated but I keep my glass half full in the event that others may teach me something that I didn’t know before or that may offer me insight as to the hows, whys and whats of raising children.

My stance of topics of interest:

  • Baby-wearing:

I believe that babies belong in their parents arms. Our bodies are programed to give and receive human touch and closeness. It builds a bond and builds brighter, independent and more confident children. This includes involvement of both parents. Daddies can wear babies just as mommies can.

  • Bed sharing/Co-sleeping:

I believe babies need to be near their parents when they sleep for both comfort and security. I believe this strengthens the breastfeeding relationship of a mother and her child, also. I believe bed sharing can be done safely by parents who educate themselves on the right and wrong way of bed sharing.

I believe that if parents do not feel comfortable bed sharing then there are measures and ways to keep a child close to them without being in the same bed all night(Arms Reach, pushing a crib up to the side of the parents bed, etc…).

  • Bodily Integrity: Routine Infant Circumcision/Infant Ear Piercing:

I believe in a persons rights to their own body from conception to death. Genital mutilation is a violation of those rights. Infant ear piercing also violates a babies right to make a decision for her/himself on if they want holes in their body or not. Bodily Integrity of all humans, new and old, is promoted here. Absolutely under no circumstances will I ever promote or advocate for circumcision on TLLS(Blog/Facebook).

  • Cry-It-Out:

I do not believe in CIO.  I do not believe in leaving a baby to cry itself to sleep for any length of time is good for them in any way, shape or form. There have been many studies explaning the damaging affects CIO has on infants and children. Absolutely under no circumstances will I ever promote or advocate for CIO on TLLS(Blog/Facebook).  Again, babies belong in their parents arms and not left alone to ‘figure things out on they own’.

  • Baby Training:

I believe babies and children are not dogs and do not need to be ‘trained’. They need the same education, time and patience adults do if not more so that they can take in the world around them at their own pace.
It makes life easier on everyone when a babies needs are met and not JUST the parents needs. Its a give and take relationship and since babies/children do not know how to communicate their needs like adults, they do what they can with what they have. Absolutely under no circumstances will I ever promote or advocate for baby training on TLLS(Blog/Facebook).

  • Vaccinations:

I was a ‘vaxing’ mom. My older three are all vaxed out. My youngest has all hers up to 6 months and thats were this train stops. Ive done my research, read the stats from both side and made the decision that we will not be vaxing anymore. With that said, this is a pro-delayed scheduled, pro-if you don’t want to vax thats cool, pro-if you want to vax fine but Ill be posting info on the page pertaining to vaccinations regardless of any stance. Leaning more on the ‘don’t do it’ side of the tracks.

  • Breastfeeding:

The Lactation Learning Station is all about breastfeeding advocacy. Its the foundation on which this site was built.

I believe that babies and their mothers have the right to breastfeed how they want, when they want, where they want, for however long they want. I also believe that babies have the right to stop when THEY want to stop.

I believe that babies have a right to be provided breast milk be it through donated milk, wet nursing, SNS or any other way. Breast milk is the optimal source of nutrients for infants and even older children. Science has proven this time and time again.

I believe the selling of breast milk is unethical and I will not promote it. Donated milk from mother to mother networks work well.

  • Gentle Parenting:

I believe that hitting a child is beyond cruel. Any type of punishment that is intended to inflict pain as a lesson is wrong.

I believe that children give respect when they receive respect. They learn what they are given examples of.

I believe that there is no such thing as a ‘bad kid’. I believe there are children who are searching for attention and we are responsible for giving it to them in a productive and constructive manner.

  • Formula:

I believe formula should only be given in medical situations that prevent a woman from feeding her child breast milk, as a last resort.

I believe formula companies do not belong in hospitals.

I believe formula companies prey on women and children to fill their pockets by teaching mothers that they are not good enough to feed their babies by way of breast. They are also lying to them about formula being just as beneficial to babies as breast milk. Its so far from the truth, its no where near funny.

  • Mommy wars:

I dont participate in the tug of war over who is better and who isnt. We are all equal in this. All of us have to start from scratch when it comes to parenting. All of us need to maintain an open mind so that we can each become educated in how to become a better parent not for the benefit of others and an image, but for our child.

  • Randomness:

I believe that society is overloading our children with higher and higher expectations from them. Keeping a full schedule is a recipe for over tired, over stimulated children which can lead to meltdowns.

I believe that parents trust in doctors way too much. Trust your parental instinct. If you gut says something doesn’t sit right with a diagnosis, its your moral obligation to seek a second opinion. Your child’s health and even life depends on it. You are their voice.

I believe that we do our best with the information we have. Seeking out more information is not a bad thing. Even if it leaves you questioning everything you’ve been taught. Ive been challenged and its made me a better mother and my kids are happier today for it.

I believe that women have a right to birth their children where they want without medical intervention or criticism.

I believe you CANNOT spoil babies. Babies are not programed to manipulate you or ‘play you’.

I believe in attached parenting.

I hope this covers everything I want it to. Im sure Ill have to go back and reedit this a few times as time goes by to add things. Again, these are MY beliefs and this is how I run TLLS. My posts here and on Facebook will cover these issues the way they are explained here.


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