Oh My! Its TIME! Pointing out societies backwards views

I tried. So.very.hard. not to get caught up in the TIME Magazine cover page drama. I guess the internet is one of those places you cannot avoid something no matter how much you try and look away! Belonging to breastfeeding facebook pages that are constantly bringing it up makes it hard to avoid. Darn, I just added to that list!

The article itself is okay! It covers many subjects of parenting and gives a face to some of the choices in the attached parenting lifestyle. And while I may not agree on HOW they presented the information, the fact that its put out there is a plus because it gets people talking. The 4 moms who were interviewed and photographed are very brave and amazing women for putting themselves out there to the world. I don’t think they really knew the full extent of what would come from it, but I’m sure they had a good idea. If not, they do now!

Okay, so the real issue is the cover photo. Have you seen it? Its awesome. Its powerful and it got peoples attention. It got them talking and learning (well, some are learning. Some have a full glass already so no new information is being allowed in. Always keep an open mind, people!).

TIME isn’t getting backlash for this. Who is? Nursing mothers. AP mothers. Mothers who extend breastfeed. Mothers in general!

What a horrible thing to do to mothers just before Mothers Day!

Facebook responses that Ive seen so far:

“Oh My Gawd! How old is that kid?”

“Call me old fashioned, but some things are just not meant for public display and this is one of them. Perhaps if it had been an infant in the mother’s arms….but the way it is shown as is, it has undertones of pedophilia/porn to me. That child just looks too old to still be breastfeeding. A totally tasteless pic.”

“I know it’s good to breastfeed longer but… That long? It honestly turned my stomach. Definitely going for shock value. No one would breastfeed a child that old in public.”

“The worldwide average may be 7, but we live in the US where there are other means of nutrition, not in a country where moms must feed their children this way for them to get proper nutrition. I think shes doing it for the attention.”

“This is something that should be done in private between the mother and child.”

And then I see a few about how America isn’t a 3rd world country and that kids can get nutrition from the food we have here! Yes, because the processed foods of America is SO much healthier!! For argument sake, I don’t EVER want to see you pick up a power bar or V8! Eat your veggies!!!

In a facebook forum conversations the question of where society should draw a line for breastfeeding age. My response was that society does not have that right. Others said this:

“I draw the line when my child can be seen by others in an exploited sexual manner. Especially in a attention hungry magazine photo with a kindergarten. lol”

“So if a woman was breastfeeding her 13 year old son, and he was exhibiting thrusting motions from arousal, you would not think society should intervene?”

Really people? I don’t even want to touch these. Just reading them is enough for me. Please feel free to address them since I’m going to be linking this one the comment section where those comments are posted. I’m sure they will read the comments here if you leave one.

Society today is backwards. Its wages these ridiculous ‘wars’ on children and mothers for no reason, pitting women against one another over their parenting styles and choices. That.Is.Wrong!

Being a mother is hard enough in todays times without having the government, media and other women breathing down our backs. Watching and judging ever move we make! There is no right or wrong. If your children are happy and you are happy then no one else’s opinions should matter. You are doing what you need to as a mother. Thats BEING a mother. Being there. Period!

Society also picks and chooses what it wants to view as ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’.  These are all examples of what is seen by the public every day. In stores. On TV. Both of which are frequented by families!

Now scroll back up to the TIME cover photo. I see zero exploitation on the TIME cover and TONS of it on these other magazines. NO ONE benefits from seeing these woman naked and plastered on the front cover of these publications. Except maybe the publishers and the sexually exploited woman who just sold her body to the magazine cover for a few thousand dollars.

Everyone benefits from the TIME magazine publication. Not many people even know about extended breastfeeding, attached parenting and all the other things discussed in the article. And sadly, many probably cant get past the dang cover page to find the good, educational stuff!

Why are these cover photos showing parts of womens breasts and fully nude acceptable but a cover photo of a breastfeeding toddler not okay? I don’t get it.

Breastfeeding is not wrong. Having a child at the breast longer then 2 years is not wrong. Its a common practice that many keep hush hush because they are afraid of being shamed or judged for doing it.

I advise those of you who think that there is no nutritional value for a child past 1 or 2 to reconsider and research the current and past studies that prove otherwise.

Actually, I think I will dedicate the rest of May to writing and posting research on the nutritional values of extended breastfeeding.

Something we can all benefit from because even if YOU dont like seeing it, someone is doing it and THEY need all the facts and support they can get from people who get it.

My closing thoughts are this:

If you dont like it, look away.

If you are that repulsed by TIMES cover, dont buy the magazine.

If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

If you cant… well… what can I say to those who live in glass houses and throw stones?

**What are your thoughts on how society is acceptable of the real exploitation of women but scoff at breastfeeding photos (doesnt matter the age of the child)?**


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