[Poll] Are you involved in the Genital Integrity Awareness Movement

I am trying to get a rough estimate of how many people in today’s society are involved in the Genital Integrity Awareness movement.
This is for both male and female genital integrity worldwide.

If you could take a moment and place vote, I would greatly appreciate it!

Please pass it along so that others may vote also. Lets see how many men and women out there are fighting for the rights of children, men and women to remain whole and unharmed!

Thank you and have a beautiful day!




I cant even come up with a good title for this blog.
How does one think of a title for a story that breaks my heart every time I think back on events that have lead me up to even writing this?

Before I even begin, I want to say something about this blog. This is MY story. This is MY SONS story. This isn’t ME bashing or telling anyone else they are wrong for the choices they have made for their own children. We each come to a crossroads in our lives when the truth catches up with us. It took 10 years for me. It may take more or less for others. The goal is to EDUCATE and not hate. To share our stories with one another so that we can open ourselves up and see that we are not alone. That our ways of thinking can be changed with the wave of new information that comes before us. That we can do better for our children. Our awakenings are important. To us as parents and to our children who we try to do right by.

If by chance you find the topic of infant circumcision makes you want to burst out in anger because you don’t agree with me and what I say here, don’t read my blog. Don’t reply to this blog. Move on with your day and I wish you well. Its that simple.

Ill continue now. Please be respectful of my requests here and I will be respectful of you.

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2013 Big Latch On Event – Culpeper, VA

Photo credit: Amanda Dilday

I had the pleasure of attending and participating in this years Great Latch On event here in Culpeper, VA at Yowell Meadow Park with my nursling.  Despite the rain, we had an AWESOME turn out!

The total count for moms was 50.  The total count for breastfeeding babies was 52(virtual high five that mommy for breastfeeding not 1, not 2, but 3 babies!! Triplets!!! Go Momma!!).

It was simply amazing to see so many people come out in support of Breastfeeding awareness and in support of one another.

If you attended the Culpeper Latch On event you can view photos here that were taking by Candice Davidson De Jesus of Storyteller Photography and here taken by Molly Peterson of Molly M. Peterson :: Documenting Life. Please respect that these photos are for Latch On participants to remember this day by. Please ask the photographers for permission before use of any of the photos.

This is exactly what breastfeeding support looks like.  Women helping, encouraging, educating and having the courage to help normalize breastfeeding in public!

As a mother of 4 breastfed children.  All who either self weaned, I weaned and 1 still breastfeeding, are thankful for YOUR support. Without the support of other women,  women like you and my family members,  I dont think we would of made it as far as we did and have.  Support and education is part of the key to breastfeeding success for mothers and their babies.  Many mothers struggle alone sometimes in their breastfeeding journeys and I know what a lonely dark place that is.  Which is why I do what I do.  Which is why I attend these events.  To let others see that they are not alone.  That we as women are never alone.  Its important to show others, not just other moms, that breastfeeding is natural, normal and let them know we will not hide in corners and we will not lock ourselves indoors to conform to their comfort or disagreement of public breastfeeding.  We encourage education to rid this world of the stigmas that come with breastfeeding so that women can do it without shame and without harassment from those who do not understand or want to understand.

Breastfeeding is an important issue in my life, the life of my children and the life of my poor husband who got dragged into all this.  Luckily he hasn’t kicked and screamed to escape but I’m sure he has felt the need to run from time to time :)

I want to throw a HUGE thank you to today’s event hostess and coordinator,  Cindy Curtis who is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant.  She also runs Pink Cocoon which provides breastfeeding support groups, education and support for pregnant mothers in the area.  Cindy spent a lot of time getting this event together and making sure everyone was comfortable, happy and motivated!  She did an amazing job setting up raffle gifts through different vendors and making sure each momma got a goodie bag filled with information and treats!  So will everyone give a big Thank You to Cindy with me for being an awesome hostess and coordinator and to her 18 amazing volunteers:

Thank You Cindy!!!!! 

animated clapping photo: Clapping baby muppits 00001littlebabymuppetsavitar.gif

Photo Credit: Amanda Podgorski

Worldwide Breastfeeding Week will be over in a few days. BUT, Worldwide Breastfeeding Month will go on through August.  I look forward to being a part of your Worldwide Breastfeeding Month (and beyond) of education and support!



A Fully Informed Choice… Part 3

**Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here**

Along with vaccination injections, there are immune globulin (made from the plasma of volunteers) and anti-toxin injections. They are available for many of the diseases for which vaccines have been produced (e.g. Rubella, RSV, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, varicella etc.). Such injections can be given either prophylactically (pre-exposure) or therapeutically (post-exposure).

This medical aid can be given irrespective of vaccination status. We have antibiotics readily available to our population that while over-prescribed and over-used – for example, given for viral infections when they are able to treat bacterial infections only – can also be lifesaving when needed. While medical advances such as these may not always be effective, they are readily available along with other treatments such as hospitalization if necessary (e.g. for breathing support, IV fluids etc.). The treatments we have available to us in hospitals now makes severe adverse events from disease far less common, and occurs mainly in those with predisposing health conditions or weakened immune systems.

Interestingly, there is medical literature which suggests that vaccinated populations are not only at greater risk of health issues (such as recurrent infections, allergies and autoimmune conditions) but also that some vaccinated populations suffer greater levels of complications from disease when they contract it after receiving (or develop it from) vaccination. This is not the expected outcome if vaccination were protecting the at risk populations from severity of disease. This literature is freely available, but not made public knowledge. The idea that vaccination rates must remain high for community protection (termed ‘herd immunity’) seems sound in logic. But there are major flaws to this belief. Firstly, the general population at any one time is not up to date with vaccinations to the number we are told is necessary for protection. This concept of herd immunity began when observing herds of cattle. But it was to do with naturally acquired disease, for which lifelong immunity is expected.

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A Fully Informed Choice… Part 2

**Part 1 can be found here**
*Immunisation (AU)

Of course some diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) are very dangerous to very young infants. This reiterates the importance of breast milk. There is plenty of medical literature which shows breast milk does in fact protect against common childhood diseases, including pertussis, chicken pox, measles etc. There has been a great deal of debate over the role of breast milk, and the evidence shows that it does in fact offer great levels of protection against childhood diseases – to such an extent that some study findings have suggested temporarily delaying mothers’ breastfeeding in order to allow vaccinations to be recognized by her infant’s body. Breast milk is so protective that vaccinating breastfed infants is far less effective at raising antibody titers than vaccinating artificially fed infants. Breast milk protects infants from both naturally occurring disease, and the disease injected via vaccination. Breast milk teaches the infant what is safe and what is not safe, and does so without causing inflammation. This is important – the very action of protecting an infant from disease through breast milk is done so without causing inflammation.

Newborns are not designed to produce inflammatory antibodies. The myelin sheath protects nerve impulses within the brain and spinal cord. This sheath does not develop into its mature pattern until a child is 2 years old. Permanent neurological (and other) damage can, and does, occur as a result of inflammation – particularly within the first 2 years of life (as the WHO supports). Inflammation can certainly result from contracting disease, but with the protection of breast milk this is not a likely outcome.

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